CarBridge Lite App

What is Car Play?

CarPlay is a product of Apple that is found in modern cars. This feature is free and new vehicles come with CarPlay pre-installed in them. CarPlay allows users to view the apps on their iPhone or iPad in the media system attached to the car’s dashboard. This enables users to operate their devices without having to touch them while they drive. 

The Need for CarBridge

CarPlay allows you to load only selected applications into the dashboard’s touchscreen unit. To overcome such limitations, you will need CarBridge. With this app installed you can see your phone’s apps in their original look and they are arranged exactly as you identify on your phone. The only variation is the larger screen of the display in the CarPlay, which is more beneficial. You can play any video or song, play a game or browse your social media apps on the CarPlay with the CarBridge app. 

The CarPlay authorized apps can also be bridged using CarBridge. The official section of the app is removed and then you view the native interface just like it is in your phone. 

Portal App for CarBridge

The default settings of CarBridge does not allow the apps to appear in the right fashion. To solve this problem, you have got the Portal app to assist CarBridge. CarBridge paired with the Portal app lets you see your phone screen on the CarPlay system just as it is. This makes navigation easier for the user. 

If your vehicle is fitted with a CarPlay that is operated with a joystick only, you can still benefit from the Portal app. The only limitation is that users won’t be able to operate the phone through CarPlay but the view will be perfect just like in a touchscreen display. 

Is Jailbreak Needed To Install CarBridge?

The answer is yes. CarBridge installation requires you to jailbreak your Apple iOS device. Multiple sources are claiming that CarBridge can be installed without having to jailbreak. However, the official website of CarBridge simple denies this. Since Apple has really strict control over what it allows to happen in its devices, there are fewer chances that you can install an unauthorized app without jailbreaking. 

There are multiple programs available for free and multiple tutorials on how to jailbreak your Apple iPhone or iPad. You have to choose a method based on the version you are using. 

How To Install CarBridge Post Jailbreaking?

Once you jailbreak your device is ready for installing CarBridge. The application can be downloaded by making some donations to the official website of CarBridge through PayPal or Discord. Packix is a platform where you can pay a few dollars and purchase CarBridge for your jailbroken iPhone. 


CarBridge is a useful application in many regards. But we should always keep in mind that these are not authorized by Apple and therefore, if you jailbreak the phone for installing such apps, your device becomes more vulnerable to security threats. So, choose wisely and install the app only if you fully trust the sources.