How to download Aptoide iOS?

  • Open the Safari web browser and visit sideload.vip/aptoide
  • The website is trying to download the Configuration Profile. Click on Allow.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profile and select the “Aptoide” Profile.
  • Click on the install.
  • You will get the welcome screen of Aptoide
  • Then, install and run any two apps on the screen.

Aptoide app is just like your Google play store, where you can get different types of applications to use on the Android device. The feature that makes Aptoide different is that it is a store that manages many other app stores. It is a software marketplace where there are different stores with a variety of apps compatible with your Andriod phones. 

In the Aptoide app, every user is the manager of his store of apps. Aptoide app is available for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, TV and kids’ devices. The app has millions of users worldwide and houses hundreds and thousands of apps from various sources.