Aptoide App

How To Download And Install Aptoide App on Android Phone?

Getting Aptoide in your Android phone is an easy task. All you need to is download the APK file and save it in your phone’s storage. However, this app is not available on Google Play Store as it does not comply with some rules laid down by Google. So, you have to get the APK file from some source on the internet. Once you download Aptoide, the installation is simple. You will have to update the default setting of your device.

  • Navigate to general phone settings and then to Apps.
  •  Under the Apps section, you will find an option called Special Access. 
  • Select it and move to options named “Install unknown apps”.
  • Here you can allow access to the Aptoide app. 

If you are using Android version 7 or lower, than your settings will vary slightly. Once you change the setting as mentioned, you can use the Aptoide app to access many other free apps on your Android phone.

How To Use Aptoide?

Once the installation process is over, the app loads the welcome page. To access the user account, tap on the avatar icon located on the top right corner of the page. The application settings will also be available under your Account section. 

The home page features multiple apps that are trending. The Editor’s choice also features on the homepage. There is also a filter that lets you choose between games and other applications. 

If you are looking for a specific app for your Android device then you can use the search option. The catalogue contains the official Google Play Store apps as well as other unofficial ones. 

There is an Editorial section where you can view apps and news with more specific recommendations for the user. 

Next is the Store section. This is where you can view multiple stores that form the Aptoide community. These stores are owned and managed by individual users and there are multiple apps in these stores. There is a follow button with each store which you can tap and keep yourself updated with the latest news of that store. 

The last section is called Apps. Here you see app applications that have already been installed on your device. You can also view if there is an update available and can download the same. 

Is Aptoide Safe To Use?

The Aptoide app is safe to use according to many sources. It is legal and an open-source application. However, the apps you download from Aptoide might not always be safe to install. It is up to the user to decide which apps to download and which to avoid.